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Where the time is standing still and where the nature is speaking to us and the cultural heritage revives.

The ground floor of Gastuž, that was once a part of the Monastery of the Carthusian Monks in Žice, was built in the 12th century (in the year 1165). Because they poured wine to foreign travellers in Gastuž the house was at the same time a restaurant.

It was the oldest restaurant in the Slovene area; we could not find an older one. In the old cellars in the Charterhouse the sparkling wine of Konjice is matured. The cellar is named after the founder of the monastery Otokar, who has founded it in the 12th century. The Charterhouse had a mighty influence on the economic development whereby the wine growing played a big role. Today in the cellars up to 60.000 bottles of white and rosé sparkling wine are matured annually. In the cellar there are also rooms for wine probes and for the wine sale of the enterprise Zlati Grič.