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The story of Zlati Grič’s grapes

Written sources of the French Order of Carthusian monks from Žička kartuzija (1164) date wine growing in Slovenske Konjice to more than eight hundred years ago. Santonino wrote that in the 15th century they had more wine in their cellars than the rest of the country put together. They had many of their vineyards situated in excellent positions in Škalce. In those same positions we produce grapes of selected wine varietals today.

The estate consists of 80 hectares. We produce only high quality wines,so the technology of producing grapes is based on the least possible weight of vines and on the environment kind producing. Vines are mosty growing on medium heavy sandy-clay soil, what is reflected in the nature of our wines. To our typ of wine also contribute also the local climate with a lot of sunny days and a mix of Alpine and Pannonian climate especially at the hillsides of Pohorje and Konjiška gora.

In the group of quality wines we produce there are also white Konjičan and Blue Franconian. We complement a palette of still wines with white and rose sparkling wine: Konjiška penina, which is produced with a classical method with a fermentation in a bottle.

For well-regulated vineyards, quality of grapes, harmony and fullness of wines of Zlati grič take care winegrowers and cellarman in the company under the careful control of the production leader Dejan Brečko and the enologist Sašo Topolšek.

Wine Tasting

In the working hours a previous booking for the guided tour and the wine tasting is necessary. Outside the working hours the guided tour and the wine degustation is possible only for groups of min. 40 persons.

We are looking forward to your visit!