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Boasting one of the most modern wineries in the Styria region, a Golf course and apartments in the Wine Growers’s Mansion from the 15th century, Zlati Grič is truly one of its hidden gems.

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  • Wine tasting

    In the heart of the vineyards lies one of the most modern wine cellar in the region. The building is 3500 square meters big and has a capacity of 1,3 Mio. litre, it is fully under the earth and its roof is covered with grass and overgrown. You can see only a few front elements in nature, which are originally incorporated in the existing ambient of the wine growing landscape.

    Dear visitors, we will be glad to show you our cellar, which has a modern architecture, and therefore we will offer you a taste of our wines.

  • Apartments

    Directly near the wine cellar, the golf course and the restaurant Gricˇ, we have established an apartment house with three wonderful apartments – “Vinogradniški dvorec” (The Wine Growing Mansion).

    Here nature and freedom come together in harmony. The wonderful sight on the vineyards on one side and on the golf course on the other will enchant you in every season of the year and they are balsam for your eyes.


  • Golf

    The golf course lies in idyllic surroundings between vineyards in Škalce, next to the town Slovenske Konjice. It is entirely surrounded by vineyards. Playing fields are variegated with a brook, which flows in the middle of the golf course, water hazards, wood and shrubbery.

    The golf course has 9 holes with a total lenght of 2500 m and it has a pair 35. The ground is pleasant for the game, but it requires precise hits. Power and length are not important by playing, but first of all the thoughtfulness and a high degree of concentration.

    The golf course is open from March to November. In the range of our activities we have arranged also the training golf course, where we organize golf instructions, continuation courses for children and young people and invidual learning hours. In the reception of the golf course it is possible to buy topmost wines at discount prices.

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  • Restaurant

    Only 800 metres from the centre of Slovenske Konjice and close to the golf course, between the vineyards in Škalce there is the restaurant Grič. We offer homelike hospitality to individual guests, organized tourists, private parties, business men and women.

    The restaurant has 100 seats indoors and 100 on the terrace. Children have their carefree space for playing on the grass close to the restaurant. The rooms of the restaurant are appropriate for lectures and events too.

    You are invited in the middle of Dravinjska valley to taste excellent wines form the wine cellar of Zlati grič under the lead of sommelier. You are going to taste wines, which were high estimated.

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    +386 (0)3 758 03 61

  • The Žiče Charterhouse

    Where the time is standing still and where the nature is speaking to us and the cultural heritage revives.

    The ground floor of Gastuž, that was once a part of the Monastery of the Carthusian Monks in Žice, was built in the 12th century (in the year 1165). Because they poured wine to foreign travellers in Gastuž the house was at the same time a restaurant.


Zlati grič d.o.o.

Škalce 80
3210 Slovenske Konjice
Tel: 03 758 03 50


Tel: +386 3 758 03 73
Mob: +386 31 636 957

Rezervacije apartmajev, ogledi in degustacije, poslovni paketi, prodaja vina

Tel: + 386 3 758 03 76
Mob: +386 51 668 502

Prodaja vina trgovina vinska klet Zlati grič

Tel: + 386 3 758 03 76
Mob: +386 31 757 799; +386 51 668 502;

Odpiralni čas:

November – Februar: Pon – Pet: 9.00 – 16.00, Sob: 9.00 – 14.00

Marec – Oktober: Pon – Pet: 9.00 – 17.00,    Sob: 9.00 – 14.00

Golf igrišče – rezervacije in prodaja kart

Škalce 91
Tel: +386 3 758 03 62
Mob: +386 41 780 405

Trgovina Dobji Dvor

Dobrava 7
Tel: +386 3 758 03 63

Odpiralni čas:

Pon – Pet: 8.00 – 16.00, Sob: 8.00 – 12.00

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