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We cool the grapes (Blue Franconian) down to 8 degrees Celsius and gently squeeze them, we use only freerun so they keep their gentle aroma and freshness. After alcohol fermentation wine lies a few weeks on fine sediments of leavens, which gives an additional body. This sparkling rose has an intense aroma, fresh sourness is balanced with an elegant fruitys and long-lasting aftertaste. It is appropiate for hot summer days and immediate consumption.

Ideal to consume: up to 2 years
Alcohol: 12.0% vol.
Residual sugar: 5.8 g / l
Total acid: 6.0 g / l

Recommendation of the sommelier: vegetable dishes (casserole), fish (salmon)

Awards 2018:

  • Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

  • Decanter London 2018