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A vine variety cultivated in selected grounds for various bottlings. Characteristic all of them is preservation of variety purity and mineral containment, a reflection of soil and position under southern hillside of majestic Pohorje. Wine complexity is given by smaller vine load, along with conscientious and attentive work of winegrowers and cellarmen. Wines are distinguished by harmony, freshness and an easy-drinking caracter: which is the result of acidity ratio and sugar remains from different bottlings. The in-bottle ripening gives to the wines the different qualities and distinction from the classics of this vines kind.

Renski Riesling 2016 dry Dobnik / 2016 semi-dry / 2017 sweet
Vinification: 50% stainless steel, 50% in large wooden barrels / 100% stainless steel / 100% stainless steel
Ideal to consume: as up to 10 years /immediately to 5 years / immediately to 5 years
Alcohol: 13.0% vol. /12.5% vol. /11.5% vol.
Residual sugar: 2.0 g/l  /  10.6 g/l  / 50.0 g/l
Total acid: 6.9 g/l  /  7.4 g/l  / 7.6 g/l

Recommendation sommelier: fish, poultry, grilled salami / Fish, veal roast, fried chicken / pancakes, apple strudel, nut cake
Recommended by the winemaker (dry 2016)

Wine competitions 2018:

  • AWC Vienna 2018, silver medal for Riesling dry, Dobnik, 2016